Free Software: Adium X

Free Software: Adium X

So for all you mac users out there:
We have a basic reality to face.  Apple, which in many instances has done a good job with its proprietary software, created an epic fail when they set out to make iChat.  The program isn’t really customizable.  The speech bubble format takes up too much space and the format is cumbersome at best.  The icons are also a huge space waster.

I have to say thank you to Apple for making iChat so terrible though, because without their failure, Adium X might never have been conceived.  Adium X is a third party instant messenger program that runs just about every kind of chat you can think of: AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, Google chat, Facebook, ICQ, LiveJournal IM, Mac’s MobileMe, Myspace IM, and even Yahoo Japan!  Not to mention a host of other things you’ve probably never heard of: Bonjour, Gadu Gadu, Lotus Sametime, Novel Groupwise, QQ, SIP/SIMPLE, and Zephyr.

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Frankly it supports more different chat accounts than anything else I’ve ever heard of.  That aside the program has some perks aside from just being versatile.  The program is pretty much infinitely customizable, in its gooey and its functionality.  The program is open source and because of that there are tons of plugins you can download.  The Adium X website has a section labled xtras which includes everything from custom skins to custom sounds.  You can change the way Adium’s list looks, the way it displays buddy status, the sounds it makes when your buddy status changes, the sound it makes when the program logs on and off, the message format, the way icons are displayed, and just about anything else you can think about.

Adium also has an optional feature called Growl.  I installed it and sadly found it annoying but if you actually like to keep on top of your IMs you might enjoy it.  Growl allows Adium to put a transparent popup over whatever your working on to update the status of your IM program.  It then fades.  Mine appears in the upper right.  It bothers me, but may be convenient to someone with a smaller list.

Over all I think Adium X has is a great program with even more potential.  This program is what Mac needs more of: open source programs that allow users to take control of the software they want to run.  Check it out.  It’s free and it has a little bit of something for everyone.

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