Software Review: MacScan

Software Review: MacScan

So there is an incorrect and widely populated sentiment that Mac computers do not get viruses or spyware. This, I am hear to tell you as a long term mac user, is a lie. It is true that Macs seldom get viruses, but this is largely because Mac up until recent years has made up a very small percentage of the market share, and people really haven’t bothered to write viruses or spyware for Mac. After all there were larger, more dominant, and more profitable systems for them to go after. Systems that were more likely to hold things like bank balances and sensitive corporation information.

Now however, Mac is beginning to gain a larger part of the market share. There are viruses, and more than that, there is some very nasty spyware for Macintosh computers. Mac does a lot to protect its consumers, providing automatic security upgrades (as long as your smart enough to hit the install button when the warning pops up.) However, it is often not enough anymore. I recently had to remove two very nasty pieces of spyware of my computer, and I did it using a program called MacScan.

MacScan has a free trial download, which I believe is good for a month. A license will cost you $29.99, or a family pack license with licenses for three computers will cost you $49.99. MacScan is primarily for Spyware which is fine for most mac users. What I like about it removes blacklisted cookies without effecting your passwords or any of your other computer settings. It runs in the background and isolates anything suspicious. Then you can just click remove. Its incredibly easy and effective. Great program.

While its obviously better to install it ahead of time and prevent yourself from ever getting spyware in the first place. You can download the free trial now if your having problems already. It worked for me.

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